Monday, July 4, 2016

4 July 2016

Well, it's been raining frequently for quite a while, but this week, the weather really stepped it up. We've had at least a little rain every day, and usually a lot. That's not bad, though- when it's raining, it's cloudy. When it's cloudy, it's (relatively) cool! It's been cloudy fairly constantly  since I got here, which has been really nice. The only problem is when it's not...which is thankfully rare, especially this week.

We also had a couple exciting moments. One of them was just cleared up a couple minutes ago. We had district meeting this morning, but right before we left, I heard loud banging from the area behind the apartment. We had a little space behind there with a sink and washing machine, surrounded by 40 foot walls. I checked out what had caused it- only to see a very scared cat. We were just about to leave, so I just shut the door for then. After we got back from district meeting, we had to deal with it. I put on the big heavy coat I have, that I've worn roughly twice, some work gloves, and a lot of courage, and went out to confront the possibly crazy, rabid, and/or injured cat. That turned out to be fairly uneventful, thankfully. The cat was lying on a chair, meowing loudly. I tried to scoop it up; it ran off. I eventually just grabbed it, carried it through the apartment, and deposited it outside. It helped that the cat was sort of cooperative- no teeth or claws, at least. 

I hit a few landmarks this week. The first one is my fourth mission president! Pres. Koster just succeeded Pres. Revillio. I'll meet him tomorrow, during zone conference. Another was my 18th fast Sunday! The end is near...

We had yet more fun with our investigators, too. We have one family, the Batislaons, who love the message. They love the missionaries. All of them were baptized at some point in the last 3 months- except the father. So, Saturday night, we visited them, and asked him particularly, to come to church. Normally, he says maybe, or has an excuse. This time he said yes! But he still didn't come. Oh well, conversion doesn't always happen instantly. On the other hand, we found another family, the Baguios, who have quite a few interested people! They are Catholic, and have a few of the familiar issues. The final investigator I'll mention, Venerando, is an interesting case. He was involved in a mysterious accident with a bus a couple years ago, and has a learning difficulty. That makes teaching him an adventure. We've shared the message quite a few times, but only this week found out some news: He just doesn't believe it. We've taught the Restoration lesson a couple times, but for the first time he started asking questions and challenging it: How did Joseph Smith see angels? How did the angels get to him? All sorts of strange questions. Still, his opening up is the first step. 

There's still no visa-related news, but my Tagalog is really progressing. I even found an Indian restaurant! 

That's the exciting news for the week. Here's the unrelated stuff:

I'll have to replace my shoes soon. Remember how convinced we were they'd last the whole 2 years? Well, I'm still sure the soles will. Those are still great. The leather tops, on the other hand, are falling apart rapidly. I took them to a repair shop recently, and the lady told me they were beyond repair. That's discouraging when it comes from someone who only gets paid if they say otherwise!

About packages- it turns out to be 2-3 times more expensive to send packages here than India. You might have to wait to get one. Also, don't bother sending an actual package, if it's not too late. I've been trying to think of things I want, without much luck. Letters would still be highly appreciated! Please send lots of those!

You finished school again? That's pretty exciting! What's not surprising is hearing David loving Bahama Bucks. I still remember that place as being incredible. India had its own version of that- ice gola. It starts out more or less the same, normal shaved ice in a cup. Then they put in masala, salt, and a bunch of different colors, and pack it around a stick. It ends up like a spicy popsicle! 

See Ya!

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