Monday, July 25, 2016

25 July 2016

Well, this week was pretty short. We did have a very fun exchange, which I have lots of pictures of. I posted them all down below. There was lots of hiking through mountains there. We also saw a dog that looked like a teddy bear at a member's house.

On Thursday, we had weekly planning, and went out visiting. Nothing too thrilling happened.

Friday was the exchange. Elder Eagar had a district leader training, so I went with another companionship all the way out to the boondocks. We did a ton of hiking to reach one house, but no one was home there. So, we hiked all the way back. The rest of the day was fairly normal- we switched back at night.

Saturday was a good day. We managed to visit Roland, our old investigator, again. When we showed up, he was starting a fire. "I'm incinerating something. Don't ask what." Before the lesson started, he shared some recent world news, which was pretty startling. In some ways, I'm glad that I don't hear much of it on my mission. Anyway, we taught about the Word of Wisdom, and he gave an interesting commitment. "Cigarrettes? Sure. I can't afford them anyway. But I'm not sure about coffee yet..." Turns out he's super addicted. He did agree to try to stop, at least. Throughout the day, we taught 6 lessons! That's a lot for this area. 

On Sunday, we had 8 AM church, as usual. I ended up playing the piano during sacrament meeting, because the only pianist in the ward was absent. That was...interesting. I've gotten better on my mission, but not by that much. Afterward, we had a lunch appointment, and a dinner appointment that night. Score! 

The big news for the week investigator-wise would be the Guchierrez family. They are on date, and probably will be baptized in early August. What's more, the grandpa of the family just unexpectedly asked to be baptized, too! We are just finishing up the lessons, and they are ready!

That's all I got for the week- See ya!


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