Monday, June 13, 2016

13 June 2016

So, first some questions about your email:
Why do you need foot surgery?
And why on earth did Sam drive next door to go through the drive through when it would literally have been easier and quicker to walk? 

Well, this week was long. We did a lot of finding, and, unsurprisingly, found a lot of investigators, including a family of five! We even found a bunch of less-active families. The biggest problem we've faced is remembering where they live! We've done a whole lot of walking and running around trying to find new people, which did work. There's a lot of new people to work with, which is completely different from India. There, we had a million less-actives, but not many investigators. Here, it's flipped. 

Anyway, our Saturday night and Sunday were extra weird. Our bishop texted us late Saturday night, around 8, asking us to speak at sacrament meeting. All 3 speakers. Yep. As he put it, "In the last 2 weeks, there have been 2 deaths in the family, and my mind has been occupied with other things. Can you give all the talks in sacrament meeting tomorrow?" That was...interesting. Four missionaries: 3 talks: one hour. I spoke on the Restoration. The real exciting part was when one of our less actives appeared at church for the first time in forever! 

Not too much else happened during the week, unfortunately. We have been figuring out the area, and I have been learning Tagalog. That's still going slowly, but I'm learning. Mostly, I'm memorizing phrases from the lessons. 

That's about the news of the week. See ya!

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