Monday, June 8, 2015

8 June 2015

This week has been full of random things that just popped up. Well, except Tuesday. We tried to visit a thousand people, but no one was home. While we were out, we dropped by a member's house to use their bathroom, and they invited us back that night. When we came back, we shot slingshots at milk cartons and tin cans. Fun!

The "check engine" light came on sometime Tuesday, so on Wednesday we took it in to be looked at. That light isn't very informative, though. We checked the engine at the mission office, and we're pretty sure it's still there. Then, we took it to the dealer. They had us wait a half hour before seeing anyone to soften us up, then drove the car off to who knows where. But, they figured it out pretty quickly; or so they thought. The guy there invited us into his office and pointed out the problem: according to their records, we'd driven the car for years without changing the oil. Unfortunately for that easy diagnosis, the mission took care of the oil changes. Fortunately, they still figured out the problem: the mission changed the oil, but never reset the oil change light. Which basically meant that the car was throwing a fit over nothing. Finally, we had a Book of Mormon class, the last for the summer.

Thursday, we had district meeting, then tried to visit even more people, but no one answered their doors...again. Well, that's a slight exaggeration. We did meet one cranky lady who chewed us out for knocking on the wrong door. Apparently, the person we were trying to visit had moved out a while ago, and this lady had Mormons knocking on her door asking for the wrong person ever since, and was taking it personally. That night, we had correlation meeting with our ward mission leader, Bro. Grant. He is a world leader in Brazilian Jujitsu, and my companion asked for, and received, a quick lesson. Funny story behind this- Bro. Grant was trying to show him something, and Elder Mackey thought he was starting a wrestling match, and grabbed him out of nowhere. That's the only reason Mackey got a hold in the first place.

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