Monday, June 1, 2015

1 June 2015

So the job across town would be difficult to go to, I would have to use the car to get there.  Which McDonalds? The one off of 116th or the one closer to the house. Will Mcdonalds let me work there for just a few weeks? What are the hours like there? When would I start? Thats cool that school is now out and everybody now is on spring break.  How is everything going, everybody just relaxing right now? We get fed regularly here no problem.  Does the ward still have sisters, or is it a pair of sisters and a pair of elders? Thats cool that the temple is so close to getting done, everybody seems really excited.
  This week was interesting.  Monday we had the normal p day.  We had a family home evening planned for that night that ended up not working out, but it was okay.  Tuesday morning my companion wakes up sick, throws up and has a fever and is very sore.  Not good signs,  but he starts to get better enough, to go to District Meeting, which was normal.  Afterwards, starts to not feel well again, so we call a member to come give us a ride to the hospital.  Arrive at the hospital, my companion goes through and ends taking a whole bunch of meds through IV, but he leaves the hospital feeling a lot better.  We stop by the chapel really quick and then head on home.  Wednesday, my comp is back to normal so we set out to work and we managed to find some new peoples to teach.  We found a 13 year old girl who is a cousin of a member who has been wanting to be a member of the church for a while now, but has never been able to b/c she needs her moms permission.  Really cool lesson though.  Wednesday was pretty good. We got to teach Andre and his wife as well and that was super cool.  Andre loved church and is super excited to come back.  He and his wife both came to church this last Sunday and they both loved it! Thursday, my companion wakes up with the same symptoms as Tuesday, except for vomiting.  We come to the obvious conclusion that the hospital treatment did not work.  After lunch, its back to the hospital.  All these symptoms are common symptoms of a disease that is common here called Dengue, which is a pretty nasty virus. The doctor runs tests for dengue and parasites/bacteria, and while this is happening, my companion gets another IV.  After 2 1/2 hours waiting the tests come back.  Its not dengue, but its an intestinal infection and tapeworm.  The doctor was impressed that he had both at the same time, but this time he passed a bunch of medications that seem to be working just find.  The crisis has passed.  Friday was normal, just working out.  Saturday night I got to play piano for a devotional of the Relief Society.  Sunday night we got to have an activity called the Member Missionary Training Center in which we had 3 rooms in which Returned Missionaries and us the Missionaries taught the members how to be better member missionaries.  It turned out really well and the members loved it! The activity will continue for 3 more weeks and everybody is pumped for it. We´re super excited as well!
  I hope that you all have a great week!  I miss you all! 

Elder Battraw
Image 1 and 2 are of the flooding that is happening in Manacapuru.  Its a yearly thing. 3 is of my district right now, 4 is of Elder Brock and I when he was leaving for home, 5 Elder Mazzagardi of the seventy and I after the stake conference, 6 the Manaus Temple!

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