Monday, September 29, 2014

29 Sept. 2014

I remember going to the apple orchard! That was so much fun being able to go out there! Has anything changed out there? You guys got a lot of apples!  How much apple sauce did it all make? Enough to be able to ship some out to Brasil?!  Apple cider sounds so good right now.  Right now its pretty darn hot so that sounds really good!  Even though the band didn´t place sounds like they are doing pretty good though.  Just keep on going and I know that the band will do super good.  Zach will have a good time now in Deacons Quorum with david!
  So my week this week was pretty normal.  Nothing extremely out of the ordinary happened.   Monday was the normal p day.  Tuesday was district meeting which went really well.  Super cool as usual.  The rest of the week was a lot of just knocking on doors and trying to find more people to teach.  We have a couple that we are teaching and helping to get right now. Their names are Sergio and Amanda and they are pretty awesome.  Sergio was baptized about 10 years ago but hasn´t really been active at all.  He would show up at random church activities and participate, but except from this not really.  Hes living with his girlfriend right now  and we are helping to get them married.  They should be married this Ocober 11th and we are super excited for them.  Amanda wants to get baptized as well os we are helping prepare her for her baptismal date.  We are teaching this other man, his name is Jucileno.  He is a college physics teacher and is obviously super intelligent.   He is super fun to teach and this week he went to church for the first time! Its just awesome!  This week hopefully we´ll be able to start to teach his family as well!  Thursday night my companion and I got to have a cool little experience.  So right now on my cool foods list I´ve already put: Alligator, Cows Stomach, Piraucu (7ft long fish) and thursday I finally got to put on the awesome foods list:Bulls tongue.  It actually is not that bad, it just tastes like beef that is really chewy.  We ate it with rice and farinha.  I give it a 3.5 out of 5.  The fun stuff that you eat out here in the middle of the amazon.  The lady who gave it to us is the mom of a member and we are trying to teach here right now as well.  shes pretty cool.  My companion and I are super excited for this coming week to be able to watch General Conference! Its going to be awesome!  
  Hope that everythings is going great back home. Have fun making apple sauce!  Have a fun week and go marching band!  Miss all of you! 

Love Elder Battraw

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