Monday, September 15, 2014

15 Sept 2014

So that sounds like you all had a pretty calm week!  Yes, Fishers won! Sounds like that was  a crazy  evening though!  What movies did you watch? Any good films have come out? Keep on going marching Tiger Band.  Hope that everything goes well this week with the upcoming competition.  Keep on going tom with the mission funds! Are all of the interviews done and everything now? Is it just waiting for the call to come in?   Hope everything goes well there.
   So to answer your questions, the mission is going great! It is weird to think that I only have 9.5 months left out here in the mission field.  That part is really strange.  Time flies out here when you really get into the work.  So, my area. It is called Itaporanga (E-tap-or-an-ga), located in the city of Itacoatiara (E-ta-quat-chee-are-a) which is 4 hours away by bus from Manaus.  It is in the middle of the jungle located on the Amazon River.  Super cool here.  It is a little/a lot isolated.  Its super cool being here though.  And no, I´m not blind yet, we actually don´t take malaria meds here.
  This week was interesting.   Monday we got to have a district p-day.  All of our district got together to have a district party.  We all threw something in to make lunch and then just hung out a bit.  I was the drink master and used my companions Kool aid packets and made Kool-aid.  Super good.  Tuesday, I got sick.  I had an extremely sore throat with running nose and the works.  My voice dropped about 5 octaves, and lets just say, I could say I´ll be back better than Arnold Schwarznegger.  Fun times, I took some medicine and laid down and by the night, I was feeling better so we left to do some quick visits.  Wednesday was my companions turn to get sick.  He got some serious stomach pain and he ended up going to the hospital.  The doctors passed some medication and he felt better.  We figured out later that it had been caused by chocolate milk.  He´d bought a huge package of 27 chocolate drink packs.  Too much of a good thing.  Friday was interesting.  Friday night we were visiting the house of a member about 8:40pm ish we got a phone call from the other elders telling us that they had corned a rat in our house and they needed our help to kill it.  So we ran home, took off our ties, grabbed big sticks and ran into help.  After an exhaustive 30 minutes of intense waiting, dismantling of the oven to get to the rat, and about 6 minutes of combat, we vanquished triumphant, and we can say that there is officially one less rat in Brasil.  Sunday we got the phone call that my companion Elder Rodriguez, was being transfered to Manaus, Area Canaranas, which had been my first area, to be companions with Elder Acchura, who was also my companion.  Fun stuff.  I´ll be staying here in Itaporanga with Elder Brock, who is from North Carolina.  He gets here later tonight and I´m super excited.  
 So that was my week this week.  Pretty interesting.  Hope you all have a great week this week.  Have an awesome week, I miss you all!  

Elder Battraw

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