Sunday, April 7, 2013


Friday I went down to the post office to be able to apply for my passport.  I got to wear my suit and tie down to the office to get my picture taken because I have to be in missionary attire for the picture on it. We got down to the post office and got in line to get my passport and stood for about 10-20 minutes where we then found out we were in the wrong line for passports.  We quickly hurried over to the correct line and then waited for 10-15 more minutes to be able to get the paperwork processed and started. Once we got to the front of the line, it was signing forms and more forms, then getting my picture taken as well.  More signatures and then we were done.   That afternoon, we got a letter in the mail with all of my forms that I needed to get in order to obtain a visa to be able to enter into Brazil.  The list was extensive, with almost everything required to be notarized and then approved.  One of the things that I need is a letter from the police station saying that I do not have a criminal record, another saying that I will not proselyte with any of the native Indians without permission, my seminary transcripts, the list goes on.  That is what I will be doing for the next coming days and weeks is filling out paperwork.  So excited to go to Brazil though!

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