Monday, November 7, 2016

7 Nov. 2016

We had a lot happen this week, but I put the wrong planner in my bag! So, this will probably be a really short email. But, hopefully, I'll remember the important stuff. Here goes!

The Ravi family, some of our most progressing investigators, are being...strange. Okay, mostly just that we can't find their house. They live in an area with a strange name that sounds just like another area that's way far off. We meet at their shop, but they want us to come to their house that they showed us once a month and a half ago. We've been running around trying to find their address, but without much luck. We'll keep trying!

On Friday, we had a big zone training, where it was announced that next Friday, we'll go to Rajahmundry for an even bigger zone conference! That'll be the first time that I've been in Rajahmundry since I left their last November. Also, the two new Americans in the zone also had some fun. One of them, Elder Richards, had his family send candy to him while he was in the MTC. They did, but it arrived after he left. He then visa-waited in Seattle for 3 months before just coming here last week, and only just got the package, which he generously shared with all of us. I got a 3-month-old Butterfinger, and it was amazing. In the training, the new focus on teaching and finding families. Also, we got new Christmas proselyting cards to hand out.

The weather is finally starting to get nice and cool! At least morning and night. It'll still got 80-90 in the middle of the day pretty easy. 

Diwali has continued, too. People have been setting off fireworks all the time since last week. 

We didn't have too many memorable experiences...or at least I can't remember them. Overall, it was a good week! We'll see whether or not I go home early...up to the mission president. See Ya!

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