Sunday, May 8, 2016

8 May 2016

Real quick about my college plans:

Like I mentioned in December, I'd like to be a raptor rehabilitator. That will probably take a specialized degree, and I have no idea which colleges offer it. So, the plan that I just came up with is that I'll stay home for a while after my mission, taking my beginner classes at Ivy Tech, or just everything I can take there, and finding some job that will get me experience in the right field, hopefully. After I've done all I can at home, I'll move on to whatever college offers the right degree, and figure it out from there. Is the basement still open?

Well, my visa ran out, and I'm skipping town. Tonight, I leave for the Philippines. Yep. I spent a lot of time packing, and preparing to go. I said goodbye to all the members, and tried all the good foods again. I even went out and spent way too much money on souvenirs last p-day. That's been about it for the week. I'll talk next from Quezon City!

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