Monday, February 29, 2016

29 Feb. 2016

The description of the open house does sound like something Payne would like- lots of bacon. Does he still have the huge truck and watch lighter?

Also, since Matt just got glasses, I'm now the only kid without glasses! That's a first. How bad is his vision? I found out that mine is -7 on the Indian scale, which really impresses people. 

Anyway, this week was relatively calm. Not too much happened, and we only had a few power outs. The big and exciting thing was a missionary fireside, which took all week. Here's how it broke down:

Last Saturday night, we met with an RM, who suggested that we hold a fireside. We brainstormed about when it should be held, and decided that the only workable time inside of two months was...8 days from then, this last Saturday, at 5:30 PM

Sunday morning last week before church, we designed and printed out the poster and invitations at the church, and it was announced in Sacrament Meeting. 

Throughout the week, we handed out invitations to almost every member, and literally every investigator in our area.

Friday afternoon: decorations, snacks, and activities were purchased and prepared.

Saturday: 3:30: we set up the room, and brought everything in. 

Saturday: 5:30: we still sat, waiting for anyone to show up.

Saturday: 6:30: a few investigators had arrived, but no one else. 

Saturday: 7:00: we started the fireside, with one member there.

Saturday: 7:30: a few members trickled in; we finished the message, and moved on to the games. 

Saturday: 8:30: the last people arrived, we closed the fireside, and had treats. 

We played a load of Minute-to-win-it games, which ended up being wildly successful. That was about it for the week, though.

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