Monday, November 2, 2015

2 November 2015

Well, I was looking through some old photos, and I realized that I didn't have any of my last Californian companion, Elder Mackey. So, I emailed my last mission president, and this is what he sent.

Inline image 2
That's more or less Elder Mackey in a nutshell. 

Anyway, this week was pretty exciting. It all kind of pales in comparison to the events of Friday and Saturday, though. Thursday night, all of the missionaries in Rajamundry gathered together in the zone leaders' apartment, and then to the train station. From there, we went overnight to Hyderabad, but we all sort of slept on the way (we were booked AC class, which was freezing cold). In the morning, we got up and arrived in Hyderabad. We went to one of the missionary apartments over there, and got ready there. Then, we went to the chapel, and were addressed by Pres. Berret. This was the second time in the history of the mission that absolutely all of the missionaries were gathered together in one place, for reasons that will be revealed. He talked for a few hours, then we had lunch. There, I got to meet up with Elder Whaley, my MTC companion, who I hadn't seen for four months. Also, I got to meet Elder Campbell, who I was supposed to be companions with in the MTC before his departure date got set back. After lunch, we waited a few minutes, then saw President Nelson, president of the quorum of the 12, Elder Gong, Asia area president and member of the presidency of the quorum of the 70, Elder Funk, former mission president, 70, and soon to be president of the Asia area, and finally Robert William, senior church leader in India and 70. They and their wives walked in, shook hands with everyone, and all gave talks, including their wives. Well, excepting Pres. Nelson. He went last and asked for, then answered questions. I asked a question, and learned that apostles have temple recommends that are good until the death of the prophet. The whole experience was pretty exciting. Afterwards, we grabbed a quick dinner, then went right back on the train back to Rajamundry. Both train trips were overnight, and not very eventful. 

Halloween was also not very eventful. I say that largely because no one realized it was Halloween until late afternoon; not much happened. By the way, two quick questions: one, are those the same army pants I wore in first grade? And two, do you have a picture of Matt's costume? That does sound pretty...unique. Among the exciting news of the week is that I may be sending a package back. I've picked up some stuff that I really don't need, but don't want to throw away, that you might be able to use. Another piece of exciting news is that Bangalore is becoming the second stake in India! Everything has been submitted, approved, and announced: Nov. 13 and 14, with Elder Ronald A. Rasband coming! Also, look at the freezing cold weather we have coming up: Inline image 3

It's actually not too bad, considering how hot it's been lately otherwise. I'm still looking forward to seeing snow again in 13 1/2 months, though. It hit me quite a while back how hard that'll be to adjust to- from 80+ degrees with 100% humidity here, to whatever the weather is in Indiana when I head home. That'll be pretty nuts!

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