Monday, October 19, 2015

19 October 2015

This week was pretty straightforward, and there's no too much to report. We started doing all of our finding in the morning, when it's not as hot, but that's only until Elder Jalagam learns the area a bit better. In completely random and unrelated news, a few days back, while eating at a chicken noodles shop, we found this:

Inline image 1

That is my former companion, Elder Patten, holding a fork with all the tines bent forward. Yes, he's making a face. He always does that during photos. 

Anyway, we spent a huge part of this week working on the branch list. It was a disorganized, misspelled mess, which made doing anything with it impossible. But, all the spellings, door numbers, and abbreviations have been standardized, so now we can start really using it. We need to split it to reflect how the area was split, but are having trouble figuring out how to do that. Things are starting to even out between Elder Jalagam and I, thankfully. We still have our disagreements on things, but are going to get really good at flipping coins by the time that one of us is transferred out. Funny news- not even an hour ago, I got something new: 

Inline image 2

I ran the idea past our zone leaders first, and they approved it. Having a harmonica is going to make the dull moments on P-day a lot more memorable, that's for sure. 

Having four elders in the apartment is definitely having some perks, also. We did a whole lot of cleaning this morning, so the apartment is both far cleaner and it only took an hour. We also just got new bikes, which makes life a lot easier. Things are looking up!

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