Monday, December 1, 2014

1 December 2014

That sounds like a fun Thanksgiving!  Thats no fun that the oven stopped working though,so wednesday there will be a new oven in the house! Thats cool!  How is getting all the mission papers in for Tom going?  Everything getting in on time? Is it hard to get in to india or is it pretty easy?  I don´t know.  Brasil seems to be pretty easy if you are not a missionary.   Wow you are already getting more and more snow!  Thats seems like its going to be a lot of snow coming your way.  Thats cool the 2 new parakeets.  So Sam will take care of them while Tom is off on his mission. That will be prettyfun for tom and Sam. 
  This week was pretty difficult here. Monday was pretty normal, Tuesday was a zone training which was pretty cool.  The Zone Leaders talked a lot about what Elder Adiukatis taught the mission and reemphasized a lot of it as well.  Itwas pretty good.  The rest of Tuesday was spent in exchanges with the Zone Leaders in their area helping them get everything ready for their trip to Maués.   They left tuesday night at 11:20 and spent 13 hours on the ship to get to the city.  This week was the week when everything fell through.  It was a little bt frustrating at times, but it went okay.  We´ve managed to find some new people to begin teaching. The man who moved into our house monday did a barbeque for us that was super good, and Wednesday we got to teach him and his wife for the first time. They seemed to heave some interest in our message and had lots of questions.  That was pretty cool.  We´ve also managed to start teaching a family of 7th day adventists that have some interest in our message as well.  Thursday was our Brasilisan Thanksgiving. My companion and I got the pancake mixes and made pancakes for Thanksgiving.  We don´t have maple syrup here so we put butter and whats called milk sweet on top  of them and it was super good.  Brasilians don´t celebrate Thanksgiving so thats what we did!  We also have started teaching a family that we found looking for another family´s house.  They listened to us talk about the Restoration and they seemed to be interested, but weren´t able to go to church Sunday, but they said that next week they will go. We are excited for them.  Sunday at night we got a phone call at 6:50 asking us if we could go to the hospital and give a priesthood blessing for a member who had been hospitalized earlier that day.  We were able to walk across town (here you can walk across the entire city in an hour and a half max) and give her a blessing.  She´d been feeling pain in her chest and had to be hospitalized, but when we got there she was starting to feel a little bit better.  Everything will turn out alright with her.  It was an interesting week.
  Hope that you all have a great week!  I got two of the packages!  Thanks!  I miss all of you! Have an awesome week!
Elder Battraw

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