Monday, October 14, 2013

14 Oct. 2013

Thanks for the package! I got it today.  I can't wait to listen to the cd and thanks for the towel. I'll probably be sending back the old one with the suit jacket and a bunch of other papers that I don't need anymore.  A lot of the papers are memorabilia from my missions like travel papers and such.  I hopefully will get it sent off sometime this week. Today was p day and a lot of fun. Our zone got together and hiked a hike called Table Rock. It wasn't too long and only took us 30-40 minutes to hike up there. The view there was amazing! We could see all over Boise. Pretty awesome. Speaking of Boise, I was able to go and visit Boise State University and go see their foot ball field and campus. Pretty nice place to go to college and they having a huge stadium. We weren't able to walk out onto the field but we were able to get pretty close. I even got to see where their ROTC meets. We got to help out some of the sister missionaries change their car tire b/c they got a serious flat and wrecked the rim of the tire.  We don't know how it happened, but we got their and there was no doubt that the tire was flat at all. Oh, something else exciting, we now have a car. Since Elder Smith is a district leader, and the mission had a bunch of cars that were just sitting there so we are now cruising around in a 2014 Chevy Cruise that is gray. It is so nice and its always fun to drive. We like to use the quick stick in it and its so much fun to drive.
  Super excited to go to Brazil. Found out that I get my travel plans on Sunday along with my papers. I get dropped off at the airport at 5:15ish to catch my 6:30 flight so I may be able to call from there, or I may call from Salt Lake City. I will definetely try to call. Hopefully I will have time to fit it in.  This week will be saying my good byes to all my members and investigators. Its really hard and sad. The day after I leave will be a baptism for one of our investigators and I am super down b/c of it.  I haven't heard anything about the shoes from the mission office so I think I will be able to take them. Since I get reimbursed for my baggage, I might just check them as a second bag, b/c all of my other stuff is really full. But i will try to get them down to Brazil. The only things that I have recieved so far is a letter from Great Grandma Young and a package from Taylor King. Nothing else so far. Should I be expecting anything else? I have gotten the packages from you. The last one was the suit jacket. I will make sure to send the mailing address to you for the mission office in Manaus! I do have my mission packet right now. Do you want me to send it back?
Thanks for the email. It always makes my day to hear from you guys! I miss you all!
Ben/Elder Battraw

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